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30 Trending UI Fonts for Web and App Design in 2023

Published on: Oct 13 2023 7:16PM

Top Trending fonts for Web and Apps in 2023

We've curated a list of the top 30 fonts for 2023.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, typography plays a pivotal role in shaping the way information is presented and perceived. The choice of fonts extends beyond the realms of legibility and message conveyance; fonts are powerful design tools that hold aesthetic, artistic, and technical value.

As you navigate the vast world of fonts, you'll encounter various font families such as sans-serif, serif, modern, and open sans. Each comes with its unique "vibe" that can significantly impact your projects. To help you select the ideal fonts for your websites and applications, we've curated a list of the top 30 fonts for 2023.
We've curated a list of the top 30 Trending fonts for 2023

1. Syne

Syne, a geometric sans-serif font, emerged in 2017 thanks to the French design studio Bonjour Monde. This modern font offers a range of five styles from regular to extra bold, making it incredibly versatile for various uses, from titles to small blocks of text.

2. Krona One

Krona One, a low-contrast sans-serif typeface, is inspired by early 20th-century Swedish poster art. It's an easy-to-read font that fits into diverse styles. Available in both small and large styles, Krona One is an excellent choice for bold and distinctive titles and headings.

3. Viaoda Libre

This beautiful serif typeface, developed by the Germany-based Vietnamese designer Gydient, draws inspiration from Vietnamese cultural heritage. Viaoda Libre is suitable for personal and commercial use, making it versatile for titles and smaller texts. The distinctive ligatures between characters reflect its Vietnamese influence.

4. FS Me

FS Me is a font with a noble purpose: improving legibility for individuals with learning disabilities. Developed by Mencap, the UK's leading charitable organization for those with learning disabilities, this font has been extensively researched and tested for readability. Furthermore, a portion of the font's license fees goes to support Mencap.

5. Bellezza

Bellezza is a beautiful sans-serif font inspired by Italian culture. As part of the humanist font family, it exhibits classic elegance with a touch of unique Italian charm. Highly readable and ideal for adding sophistication and an Italian vibe to text.

6. TT Norms Pro

TT Norms Pro, the third iteration of a popular geometric sans-serif font, was a collaborative effort between designer Ivan Gladkikh, the TypeType Team, and Pavel Emelyanov. Its high readability and an impressive range of 67 styles allow adaptation for various purposes, from large text arrays to headlines and websites.

7. Italiana

Italiana is a sans-serif font heavily inspired by Italian typographic tradition. Designer Santiago Orozco aimed to create an elegant and sophisticated typeface, reminiscent of early 20th-century newspapers and magazines. While currently available only in regular style, more styles may be expected in the near future.

8. Federo

In 2011, Olexa Volochay created Federo, a sans-serif font that digitally interprets the 1909 Feder-Grotesk type. While more refined than the original, it retains noticeably uneven stroke thickness for a classical touch. Recent versions have reduced contrast slightly to enhance readability.

9. Rapor

Designed by Oğuzhan Cengiz, Rapor is a font that combines elements of sans-serif and strong geometric foundations. It offers ten weights ranging from thin to black and is available in twenty styles with matching italics. Rapor takes inspiration from Futura and grotesque fonts.

10. Space Grotesk

Created by Czech designer Florian Karsten, Space Grotesk is a Google font inspired by Colophon Foundry's Space Mono. This versatile font maintains an element of quirkiness while delivering proportional sans-serif styling in five styles: light, regular, medium, semi-bold, and bold.

11. Graphik

Christian Schwartz, inspired by his early exposure to Modernist graphic design, developed the font Graphik. Simple yet elegant, this font takes cues from mid-20th-century posters. With various widths, Graphik is suitable for corporate branding, websites, mobile apps, UIs, and editorial design.

12. Cotford

Cotford's concept was developed by Tom Foley of Monotype during the lockdown. A serif typeface with a soulful and elegant design, this font is versatile enough for contemporary design needs. Cotford stands for quality, consistency, and efficient performance, making it suitable for various formats.

13. Bison

One of the most popular modern fonts, Bison is a powerful and sophisticated font designed by Ellen Luff. Recommended for logos, branding, magazines, and films, Bison boasts a distinct and sturdy style through controlled letterforms and modern elements.

14. Caudex

Consider the serif font Caudex when selecting fonts for your 2023 website. Originally launched in the late 1990s, this font was designed to reproduce old handwritten text. Combining modern functionality and classical ornamentation, it comes in two styles: regular and bold, making it suitable to pair with various other modern fonts.

15. Pangram Sans

Pangram Sans, another offering from the Pangram Pangram Foundry, is a powerful font with geometric undertones. Its bold and intense design, coupled with fully variable slanting from reclined to italic and support for the Cyrillic Alphabet, makes it versatile for various applications.

16. DM Sans

Commissioned by Google and released in 2019, DM Sans is derived from Pinhorn's Poppins typeface. This low-contrast, geometric sans-serif font is generally intended for smaller text sizes. It's available in several styles, including regular, medium, and bold, and supports a Latin Extended character set.

17. Cinzel Decorative

Part of the Cinzel web fonts family, Cinzel Decorative is a popular choice for conveying class and elegance through your websites. Designed by Natanael Gama, this font follows classical proportions and features a calligraphic appearance. It's available in various styles, including an extra bold option.

18. Axiforma

Galin Kastelov's Axiforma is a robust geometric sans-serif typeface available in several styles with matching italics. Highly recommended for posters, headlines, websites, and logotypes, it comes in both paid and free versions.

19. Lovechild

Lovechild, a display font in the Jugendstil style, is web-safe and compatible with numerous foreign languages. Created by designer Simon Walker, it consists of 485 total glyphs, including a wide array of foreign characters.

20. CoFo Sans

CoFo Sans, a clean sans-serif font, strikes a balance between rationality and emotion. Designed by Maria Doreuli, it's available in four weights, making it a perfect choice for those seeking clarity and adaptability in their text.

21. Bucksaw Grotesque

Designed by Jordan Wilson, Bucksaw Grotesque is an elegant font with a rustic touch. It offers various styles and weights, including a very crisp regular weight and a rounded one, enhancing its visual appeal.

22. Boke!

Widely regarded as the world's first truly limited edition typeface, Boke! was created by Skep Studio. This bold, sans-serif font was inspired by a box of old classic woodblock type that captured the designers' imagination.

23. Helvetica

Helvetica remains one of the most popular typefaces in 2023. Originally designed in 1957 by Swiss designer Max Miedinger, this classic typeface's enduring popularity is attributed to its modern yet simple appearance and remarkable versatility.

24. Times New Roman

Developed in the 1930s by renowned typographer Stanley Morison for 'The Times,' London's daily newspaper, Times New Roman continues to be a top choice for publishing materials and newsprints. This serif typeface is also pre-installed on most desktop and laptop computers, offering widespread accessibility.

25. Gotham

An adaptation of 20th-century American Sign maker's 'Gothic,' Gotham is a geometric sans-serif typeface family. Designed by type designer Tobias Frere-Jones and Jesse Ragan, this font draws inspiration from mid-20th-century architectural signage. It has been widely embraced for professional use, often appearing in the logos of popular brands.

26. NewParis

Inspired by the 18th-19th century French typefaces, NewParis offers a contemporary interpretation of the genre. With high contrast between thick and thin strokes, Ian Party's NewParis family includes Text, Headline, and KingSize variations, providing flexibility in application.

27. Bodoni

Bodoni, inspired by a serif typeface created by Giambattista Bodoni in the late 18th century, is the creation of Morris Fuller Benton. Revived in the 1920s, it became a highly popular font known for its detailed emphasis on various weights.

28. Futura

Designed by German designer Paul Renner in the 1920s, Futura is a benchmark for geometric sans-serif fonts. With its modern shapes, Futura is widely employed in business signage, marketing, and advertising. Notably, it's the headline font for Volkswagen, adding a contemporary touch to the brand.

29. Gill Sans

Designed in 1928 by English typeface designer Eric Gill, Gill Sans is a quintessentially English font based on Edward Johnston's 'Underground Alphabet,' the corporate font of the London Underground. The immediate success upon its release has sustained its popularity. Gill Sans offers various weights and styles and has influenced numerous other typefaces.

30. Comic Sans

Comic Sans, a casual sans-serif typeface designed by Vincent Connare, takes inspiration from comic book lettering. Originally intended for children's materials and informal documents, Comic Sans has become a recognizable and sometimes polarizing font in the digital world.




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